MG Peoples' Union (MGPU)


We welcome you to the union page

At MGPU, we believe that unity can breed happiness and we also know happiness is food for the soul. We aim to establish an intricate network of friendly cohesiveness in which people can share,help out, support and positively influence their own as well as others lives. So lets take this journey with you.

Our Mission

Provision of great Opportunity for All

Our Vision

Dissemination of care, courage, support and opportunities for all in the community.


             Our aim is for every member in the union to be a positive force for change in his/her own life and the lives of others. We recognize the importance of caring and supporting one another in times when we need it the most. It is therefore our pleasure to contribute to the betterment  of lives of every member within the union because we care, support and give great opportunities for all.

Why save? simple

At MGPU, we understand that life can take unexpected turns and as a contingency it is paramount more

We support each other to support you.

Courage, care and support are key to building the mental strength more

With you we are a family

Expanding your social circles and connecting with people from various ethnicity factions more